Getting footwear resoled just got a little harder for local rock climbers and mountaineers.

As part of its recent business transformation, Portland's Mountain Soles has stopped all resoling work, with the exception of resoling Patagonia footwear.

The company is going to continue doing outdoor equipment sewing and repair work, but those jobs will need to be dropped off at a local REI, or mailed to the non-retail space that Mountain Soles will soon be moving to.

Mountaineers are in luck: various shoe repair places around the Portland area can resole mountaineering boots with Vibram soles.  But if you're a rock climber, it looks like you'll be mailing your blown-out rock shoes out of town.

Here are a few places you can send your shoes:

Ramutas Resoles - Helena, MT
Cascade Cobbler - Winthrop, WA
Fly'n Brian's Resole - Las Vegas, NV
ProDeal Resoles - Pueblo, CO

Or, maybe you can do it yourself.