Do you have any opinions about the handling of travel between Mt. Hood and the Portland metro area? We thought you did!

The Mt Hood Multimodal Transportation Plan (MHMTP) partners have created an online survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about concerns and preferences related to transportation safety and transportation alternatives for those traveling to or across Mt. Hood. The result of the MHMTP will be a list of prioritized, affordable projects to be implemented along the Mt. Hood corridor.

Take the three-page online survey.

Read more from ODOT.



It's the exciting, excellent, extraordinary extension of the Mazamas Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP).  Like BCEP, e-BCEP is designed to prepare those with little to no outdoor rock or snow experience for mountaineering.

The course covers the needed skills for Mazamas “A” or “B” level climb:
  • Roped outdoor rock climbing (as a second) including: basic climbing knots, belaying skills, team communication, climbing and rappel techniques. 
  • Snow techniques including snow travel, glissading, ice axe arrest, roped glacier travel and expectations for an alpine climb.
  • Gear selection
  • How to pack efficiently
  • Nutrition 
  • Map & compass navigation
  • Weather assessment 
Field sessions are held in both alpine and rock terrain. Sessions may include overnight camping and "alpine" starts (that is, very early). The class will be conducted on exposed terrain and/or climbing routes as conditions and skills warrant.

The tentative schedule for this nine-week course begins June 19.

The tuition fee covers the course fee and graduation certificate, as well as one Mazamas climb application:
$335 for Mazamas Members
$395 for Non-Mazamas Members

You can register for e-BCEP and find lots more details --including a complete course schedule-- by following this link.

WANTED: Your Adventure Video for Mazamas Video of the Month!

Every month, the Mazamas features a "Mazamas Video of the Month".
And we want to showcase YOUR video!
The intent is for Mazamas members to share their mountain experiences with friends and fellow Mazamas. We want to view your trips, trips that remind us of trips we have done or dream of doing, and we certainly don't need a reckless Red Bull adrenaline-fueled video.

The aim is to celebrate the Mazamas lifestyle. Please submit your videos to: mazamasonline@gmail.com