Portland Alpine Fest - 2013

Conrad Anker presenting
at the Portland Alpine Fest.
(Photo: Andrew Holman)
 The Portland Alpine Festival provided the Mazamas and the community with a one week celebration of mountains and mountain culture. What does that mean exactly? 

Over a six day period there were multiple events to showcase the mountains, climbers, climbing culture, as well as to teach climbing techniques. There were movies, clinics, slideshows, and more ... something for every mountain enthusiast in our midst.

The week kicked off with the Veterans Day event on Monday night with a showing of the movie High Ground, a 2012 documentary film. Attendee Derek Schroeder had this to say about the movie: “What’s moving about the film though is not just the journey to climb an imposing and beautiful peak in the Himalayas, it’s about the transformation the soldiers go through together and their bravery involved in healing each other’s scars. Like the military lifestyle, mountaineering creates a bond of trust stronger than most. They both have a unique capability to test a soldier’s true worth. While war tends to break men, mountains heal. Veterans to tell their stories in their own words, and face their emotional and mental scars of war.”

Tuesday night had a bit of a lighter atmosphere with the new Mazama Families group coming together­ for a fun evening at the MMC. There was climbing, games, food, to be had and enjoyed by the group.
Wednesday night offered up a stunning presentation of first ascents in Alaska by Mazama member John Frieh and Daniel Harro. Talk about celebrating mountains­—one couldn’t help but get excited about climbing after watching their slideshow and hearing about their experiences.

Margo Talbot instructing a clinic
at the Mazama Mountaineering Center.
Once we headed in to Thursday it was non-stop excitement. On Thursday morning there were climbing  clinics running at the MMC while concurrently an outfitter guide workshop was held at the Left Bank Annex. Margo Talbot and Will Gadd were teaching folks how to swing tools while Adam Baylor and Lee Davis, along with the US Forest Service, were heading up the workshop to help those in the outdoor industry streamline the permitting process.

The Khumbu Climbing Center Dinner on Thursday night proved to be a successful fundraising dinner with more than $6,000 raised for the Center that provides world class climbing instruction for Nepali climbers and high altitude porters. The evening provided an exquisite meal to attendees, along with a program that included Conrad Anker, Jenny Anker-Lowe, Isabel SuppĂ©, and  Will Gadd.

Friday morning got underway with more clinics while preparation began in earnest for Friday evening. Friday night was the penultimate event of the festival. Held at the Left Bank Annex, Mazamas and community members alike were treated to a high quality program by Margo Talbot and Conrad Anker, a silent auction filled with an incredible amount of gear, books, magazines, and gift certificates from local business, along with a vendor fair, and the presentation of the Mazama service awards. It was a full house and a good time was had by all.

Todd Eddie
(Photo: Andrew Holman)
The Portland Alpine Fest came to a close on Saturday when the Portland Rock Gym hosted the 5th annual Portland Ice Fest. Many Mazama members were in attendance, and four of our members took podium positions in the competition!

1st Place—Phil King
2nd Place—Todd Eddie
Amory Cervarich
(Photo: Andrew Holman)
3rd Place—Tim Stabio

1st Place—Amory Cervarich
2nd Place—Katie Mills
3rd Place—Heather Campbell

Mark your calendars for next year - Nov. 3 - 9, 2014. It'll be bigger and better than ever.