An alpine adventure on a Mediterranean island? 

Ever since seeing the GR20 listed as one of the "classic walks of the world", long-term Mazamas climb leader Donna Vandall was intrigued by the idea, and this high-elevation trail along the spine of Corsica never left the back of her mind. Then it showed up on the list of Mazamas Outings for 2014. Knowing that she could share this scenic and challenging journey with like-minded adventurers, Donna immediately signed up with her partner. 

Returning from a trip this year to Chamonix and Provence, trip leader Eugene Lewins can't wait to get back out there in 2014 with Donna and other Mazamas to continue bringing together outdoor adventure and cultural immersion.

If you are interested in the handful of slots still open, check out the detailed itinerary here, and then head to the Mazamas outing web site here to apply.


We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to deliver the monthly print Bulletin to a list of local shops.  The time commitment would be for one half a day, once a month, between the first and fourth of each month.  Help us get our Bulletin into the hands of prospective Mazamas members!  If you're interested, email mazama.bulletin@mazamas.org.


The deadline for Mazamas' most advanced alpine training course has been extended to September 13.

For a full description of the course and registration materials, please follow this link.


Do you want to improve the quality of the pictures you take while on a Mazama trip? Interested in taking off the training wheels and opening up the semi-automatic and manual modes on your camera? This skill builder will give you the tools to use your camera more often and more efficiently, with a mountain-centered focus. Topics will include: camera gear management, lens selection/philosophy, low-light photography, strategies for optimal settings, composition techniques, random tips and tricks, raw workflow, and post processing using Adobe Lightroom.

Lecture: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013, 7 to 9 p.m. at the Mazama Mountaineering Center
Field Session: Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 on Mt. Hood (with an optional, informal night photography meetup at 9 p.m.)
Taught by: Andrew Holman
Cost: $41 members, $52 non members

For details and to register, please follow this link.


Mazamas Membership Services will be processing dues starting in mid September and we are looking for extra office volunteers to help between then and the end of October. A long-term commitment is not necessary: if you could work one or more 3-4 hour shifts, call Jamie at the Mazamas office or email her at Jamie@mazamas.org.  Thanks!


Publications Committee Asks You to Think Ahead for Next Year’s Annual! 

We're already in the planning stage for the 2013 Annual. We would love to hear about your adventures this winter, spring, summer and fall, especially any climbing-related stories you would like to share with fellow Mazamas.

We will help you edit any submissions you make. Please submit materials to mazama.annual@mazamas.org.

We'’d also like to encourage you to submit high-resolution photos of climbing, hiking or backpacking, even if they are not attached to an article. We would like to print a number of stand-alone photos from members in upcoming Annuals and we especially need vertically-oriented (portrait mode) pictures. Photos must be 300 dpi. Please give your photographs a descriptive file name and submit with a photo caption and credit. You can submit your photos to the email address above.


  • All reports are due Oct. 15: committee, outings (except fall), administrative 
  • Feature articles are due Nov. 15 
  • Photos are due Nov. 15 
  • Climbs and hikes (spreadsheets) are due by Dec. 15 

Many thanks!­
—Mazama Publications Committee.


Road to Cloud Cap
A section of Lolo Pass Road (RD18) will be closed until 9/2 for repair damage done from the 2011 flood. You can take a detour on RD 1828 (Muddy Fork Road). 

Cloud Cap Road is now closed due to standing-dead hazards from the Gnarl Ridge fire. For details about this closure, you can follow this link.


Another video from Andrew Holman.  Andrew says:
My second video using the outstanding RAW video functionality enabled by Magic Lantern. This one contains some assorted footage from a Memorial Day climbing trip to City of Rocks National Reserve in Southern Idaho.
Music: Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars 
Locations: Elephant Rock, Morning Glory Spire, Flaming Rock

WANTED: Your adventure video for "Mazamas Video of the Month!" 

Every month, the Mazama Blog features a "Mazamas Video of the Month," And we want to showcase YOUR video! The intent is for Mazamas members to share their mountain experiences with friends and fellow Mazamas. We want to view your trips, trips that remind us of trips we have done or dream of doing, and we certainly don't need a reckless Red Bull adrenaline-fueled video. The aim is to celebrate the Mazamas lifestyle. Please submit your videos to: mazamasonline@gmail.com

COUNCIL ELECTIONS - Monday, October 7, 2013

The Mazama Annual Election will be held this year on Monday Oct. 7, 2013.

The Mazama Executive Council is a nine member “Board of Directors” for the organization. Three members are elected to three year terms annually on the first Monday in October.

The six Executive Council nominees for the term beginning October 2013 are:

  • Larry Beck 
  • Heather Campbell 
  • Kate Evans 
  • Walter Keutel 
  • Amy Mendenhall 
  • John Rettig 

All members will receive a printed ballot and Voter Guide in the mail the first week of September, 2013. You can also view the Mazamas Voter Guide online as a pdf file.

The Mazama Executive Council has, among other duties, three obligations to fulfill: 1) To efficiently govern and manage the organization’s activities to responsibly meet our mission. 2) To maintain the highest standards of fiscal integrity and accountability. 3) To ensure stewardship of funds which are granted to outside organizations and individuals.